Studio Tours Ep

Studio Tours Ep
Studio Tours Ep
Goa Jonas
  • Artist:

    Goa Jonas

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  • Genre:

    Psy Trance

  • Produced by:

    Harmonia Records

Studio Tours Ep

Goa Jonas

Studio Tours EP

Jonas has been a DJ in Goa since the tender age of 12, more than 25 years away in the past, but has always focused on playing music for the crowd rather than producing his on tracks.

On his DJ travels around the world though, Jonas has visited some of the best artists of the scene in their studios – which inevitably led to their collaborating on a few tracks.

This is how the idea of the Studio Tours EP came to life.

The producers involved contribute their expertise in sound moulding and Jonas adds his own vision and unique perspective. Together they have created something really unreal!

A release we are very proud of.


Track 01 W&P by Michail Chavales & Jonas Kersten

Track 02 W&P by Patricio Tron Pinero & Jonas Kersten

Digital artwork by: Sati Desing

Mastering by: Domestic

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